Our Story

Back in the day, having a large family was the norm and having a dessert after dinner was too. My love for baking and cooking started when I was a little girl.  I am the oldest sibling and only girl of 4.

My grandparents on my mother side had 10 children. There was always something being prepared by my grandmother. She never made a meal without having a dessert. They were always sweet and yummy. When my mother and father was really busy, I would help my mother cook dinner for the family.

My mother was a chef and a dietitian working for schools, hospitals and for the Ukrainian Church. I watched my mother make a delicious lunch and delectable dessert in less than an hour daily.  I learned from my mother that desserts can be healthy and delicious. She used the finest ingredients in her cooking and baking like I do today.

My desserts are made with fresh high quality ingredients such as unbleached products which enhances their natural flavors to come out. So you can see how my love for cooking but especially baking all started.

Oh….by the way, I forgot to mention……..My husband is a Chef.

Sample Trays

Gluten Free

Gluten Free


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Sample Large Tray

Sample Large Tray

Cake Tray

Jewish Apple

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choose up to 3 varieties for small tray & up to 5 varieties large tray price includes serving tray



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